The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need

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We design each step with you in mind.

We believe that each person should have an individualized path to well-being, comprised of intricate custom care and support so we’ve partnered with doctors, specialists and health care leaders to provide you with the most comprehensive wellness program available to fit your needs and lifestyle.

A plan to fit your life

We align you with a well-balanced diet that includes real food and fits with your lifestyle, an exercise plan suitable to your likes and fitness level, education and effective behavior skills training to empower you to a new sense of health and well-being.

Leading Edge Testing

We begin our total custom program by gathering facts first, then combine leading edge DNA science and micronutrient testing to determine the best plan for you.

Diets are not unique to you. Your DNA is.

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Unlock Your Weight Loss Potential.

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Take your health to a higher level.

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What’s on the menu?

Real food is what you’ll eat while following the Awaken Wellness Program. Our goal is to incrementally shift you to a new understanding of healthy eating all while eating foods you like, that are delicious, satisfying, and fit into your lifestyle.
Enjoy food. There are no “real food” restrictions. You are encouraged to eat foods that benefit you nutritionally and fit into your caloric weight loss zone.
We cater to almost every dietary preference. No matter how you eat there is a plan for you, that includes tips and strategies for dining out.
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Get Fit and Trim On Your Own or with a Trainer

No matter what your fitness goals are, we’ll give you plenty of options to make exercise a fun and easy part of your daily life.
Move more, feel great, stay trim and sustain your weight loss when you combine exercise with your new healthy eating plan.
Boost your metabolism and immune system, release feel good endorphins to improve your mood, increase your strength, flexibility, balance and more.
On Your Own
With A Trainer

Spark a change in your life

You have the power to create meaningful, lasting changes in your health and life and we are here to support you along the way with nutrition education, tips for staying inspired and strategies to make your new healthy habits stick for good.

Your path to better Health starts NOW!

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